Sunday, November 18, 2012

cruel intentions

Alas, the much dreaded post... I try to keep this positive, so here's my best attempt- Getting hurt, no matter what the circumstance, sucks big time. However, pain is one of the most intense and interesting feelings a person can experience. Now, I say interesting because man, oh man, do you realize how alive you feel when your emotions are heightened to such a degree. And, if you're anything like me, you will find yourself asking WHY, a lot. Why me? Why not me? Why this, that? 
But DON'T! Don't do that to yourself! The truth is (and deep down you know this) it really doesn't matter whyReality is = it happened. If something doesn't work, move on. Accept it. Pick yourself up and try again.

Sometimes this is easier said than done because people can be cruel, really cruel, but it's not about winning, Sebastian! Rather, it's about trying to become a better person. Here's the little list that I put together to help myself. Some cheesy, I know, but adopt what works for you:

1. Dance often [especially by yourself with a makeshift mic aka hairbrush, a personal fav] 
2. Forgive, but do not forget
3. Actions speak much louder than words
4. Channel your anger into positives: I want to learn how to cook, damn it!  
5. Stop cussing, which is going to be really fucking hard for me
6. Try things that scare you
7. Accept your weaknesses
8. Do not apologize for who you are
9. Learn from your mistakes
10. Fall in love every chance you get [admittedly, the scariest for me] 

Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. And, I DO NOT CONSENT! xoxo

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