Tuesday, November 20, 2012

work it out

Although I'd much rather wear a giant, comfy t-shirt while working out, I've been forcing myself to wear tanks lately. I've found that I'm much more conscious of my core and abs when I'm wearing something tight and/or revealing, which gives me a much better workout as a result. Definitely has nothing to do with being single, definitely not. I really like these Beyond Yoga tanks, but don't pay full price. Get them off amazon or ebay for much cheaper!


I swear, I don't think I could do a push-up or pull-up if I tried. If you're the same, then I suggest you give this Tracy Anderson arm workout a go. So what if you can't pump iron- looking the part is all that matters anyways, right? Your arms will get toned from doing this routine, and just try not to laugh and have fun doing it- I dare you!  

Happy stop being fat Tuesday! xoxo

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