Monday, December 10, 2012

must see flicks: this is 40

Over the weekend, I watched, "Love Actually" and it was actually just enough to get me feeling all warm and fuzzy again. If you don't like this movie during the holidays, there is something seriously wrong with you. Or, err- you're a dude. Anyways, I literally laughed my ass off by myself to Hugh Grant dancing to "Jump, For My Love." SO PRECIOUS!

I also cannot wait to see, "This is 40" with my girl, Leslie Mann. This preview had me cracking up again, by myself. Just me and the TV. This is starting to get really embarrassing. Favorite line, probably because I could see myself saying it, "I would enjoy our last few months together, but while killing you." Hil-arious!

Off to Minneapolis, to kick Adrian Peterson's ass back to the bench. Check ya Wednesday Chi! xoxo

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